Winter Gritting

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Snow Clearance


Gritting alone does not work on deep snow and salt is not a solution to solve all winter problems. Often the snow has to be cleared before gritting can be done. Nurture’s snow clearing service ensures your car parks and core walkways are kept clear from snow where possible, and then treated with salt to ensure their safety.

Snow clearing comes in two forms: the first is or mechanical clearance - using our snowploughs can quickly clear larger areas such as car parks or access roads but for smaller areas such as core pathways, the snow will have to be cleared manually.

We provide two levels of service: -

Proactive Clearing – We will make proactive decisions with you based on local knowledge and our advanced forecasting system. This is an agreement in place that snow clearance will be undertaken without needing obtain ‘on the day’ instructions so you know you’re covered whatever the weather.

Reactive Clearing – Call us in when you need us and we will mobilise our teams to your site to get the snow cleared as soon as possible.

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