Winter Gritting

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Single and Multi Site Gritting Service


Whether you are responsible for a single site or a full national portfolio, we have the expertise, teams, systems and over twenty years of industry knowledge to ensure that your winter resilience programme is tailored to your exact requirements.

National Network of Local Teams

Our nationwide service uses Nurture teams based out of 50+ local depots across the UK to ensure we can get to you as easily and quickly as possible in adverse winter weather.

Full Weather Analysis System

Nurture utilises the most up to date Met Office road surface forecast which mainstream websites won’t provide, so we are armed with the most accurate information to provide service. We will also tell you exactly when your site needs a visit, along with the forecast we’ve been provided with, so you’re always armed with the most accurate data. All gritting is undertaken out of hours (post 6pm) – and we can also provide a flexible service around your site requirements.

Vehicle and App Tracking

All gritting vehicles are tracked using the latest software, providing information such as when the vehicle was onsite and where it went. This is also backed up by the Nurture IceMaster App tracker which can provide you with a comprehensive attendance report.

Web Portal 

This allows full visibility and controls for your site(s): management of the costs, daily activations and even reports.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will also have just one point of contact for all your gritting requirements - your account manager will project manage everything for you.

Daily Communications

You’ll receive a daily email of sites to be gritted and a confirmation email the following day so you’re always kept in the loop. If any visit can’t be undertaken for any reason we’ll also inform you.

Winter Risk Covered

You will be protected by our full liability insurance as well. We’re here to ensure that your liability is covered and here to help in the unlikely event of a claim.

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