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Fly Control And Extermination

Effective fly control is an essential part of pest management on commercial premises. It is vital to correctly identify the type of fly to ensure the correct treatment and solution.

There are many types of flies and all are undesirable in areas where food is prepared or served to customers. The sight of a fly walking over your food is sure to put your customers off their food.

Rokill controls fly infestations by firstly identifying the species, then selecting an appropriate prevention method, and finally treating through the removal of breeding areas and installation of fly screens and electronic fly killers.

Fly Control In The South

Rokill has specialist fly control technicians in London, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Southampton, Reading and Exeter. If you have a fly infestation then call us today for free advice.

Identifying a Fly Problem

What to look for:

  • Live and dead insects
  • Fly spots or droppings
  • Maggots — flies in their larval stage

Potential Harm from Flies

  • Contamination of foodstuffs
  • Spread of diseases
  • Perception of dirty premises

Commercial Consequences of Fly Infestation

  • Customer and employee perception of dirt and poor hygiene standards
  • Damage to health and hygiene reputation
  • Reduced income from reduced clientele

Rokill’s Fly Control Services

  • Identification of species
  • Removal of breeding area – this is essential for the effective long term control of flies
  • Exclusion by the installation of Fly Screens
  • Control with pesticide free Electronic Fly Killers
  • Regular inspection visits from one of our qualified technicians to prevent recurrence

Please contact our friendly and experienced service control team and we will be happy to help you with any enquiry you may have.

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