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Housing (Private Estates and Housing Association)


Nurture recognise that a key element of maintaining residential properties successfully is to build positive relationships with the residents as well as maintaining a clear and regular communication channel with the managing agent or housing association management teams.

This ensures that we keep your residents happy and can feed back any potential issues to the management team as they become apparent and can be addressed.

We cater for the housing association / social housing sector as well as the private estate sector - looking after exceptional high-value individual properties, which require the need for discretion, trust, understanding and clear communication at all times.

We work for a growing portfolio of leading Housing Associations across the country delivering exceptional grounds maintenance services on their multi-site portfolios. This is where our local personal service approach with overarching regional management and monitoring layers comes into its own to provide a consistent standard of service to all sites in our clients’ portfolio.

Nurture are also experienced in managing infrastructure landscapes and parkland on large residential developments, including the maintenance of SUDS, balancing lagoons, play areas, woodland and wildflower areas. Our colleagues are ROSPA trained and competent to carry out ROSPA play area inspections and reports for our clients.

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