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Trees selected for Queens Gardens Hull refurbishment project

17 October 2023

Trees selected for Queens Gardens Hull refurbishment project

Gavin Jones, part of the Nurture Group, has successfully secured the soft landscaping package for the Queens Gardens Hull refurbishment project, working under the main contracts of CR Reynolds. The 99 large trees, sourced from the accredited supplier Ebben Trees, will enhance the site, which was once the location of the UK's largest dock until it was filled in during the 1930s.

The refurbishment plans for Queens Gardens include maritime-inspired installations and provisions for hosting large outdoor events. Gillian Osgerby, Hull Maritime project director, emphasised that these plans are integral to narrating Hull's maritime history.

Landscape architect Liam Haggarty from Southern Green, along with Ricky and Isabel from Gavin Jones, recently visited the Netherlands for a tree tagging expedition where the 99 Metasequoia trees were carefully chosen. These tagged trees have a girth size of 120-140cm, a total height of approximately 10m, and a root ball size of 2.15m in diameter with an average weight of 3500-4500 kg. The trees, some of them aged around 40 years, have been transplanted at least 10 times in Ebben Trees’ nursery, receiving annual maintenance, including pruning for shape consistency.

Ricky Whiteman, head of estimating (North), Gavin Jones said: "Working with Ebben Trees is always a pleasure, the service is amazing, and the quality of the trees is top-notch. The biggest tree we tagged was 155cm girth, I can’t wait to see the trees delivered to the site in Hull.”

Noud de Jong of Ebben Trees added: "After 40 years of care, we are very happy these trees have found a beautiful new place in Hull where they can grow and develop the rest of their lives to create a green living environment for those living there and all visitors of Hull."

The Queens Gardens refurbishment is a pivotal component of the Hull Maritime project, funded by Hull City Council and The National Lottery Fund. It connects the Hull Maritime Museum to the North End Shipyard, which will house the historic Arctic Corsair. This shipyard is undergoing transformation into a new visitor attraction, sharing its rich story for the first time. Stay tuned for progress updates and pictures throughout each stage of this significant project.

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