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10 November 2023
At Nurture Group, we understand that a pest-free environment is crucial for the well-being of your property, whether it's a home, business premises, or a public venue. As part of the Rokill division, our Pest Prevention experts are here to help you identify and address various pest-related issues promptly. In this article, we'll explore common signs of infestations and the comprehensive services we offer to tackle them. Read more
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03 November 2023
When it comes to pest control in London, Rokill Pest Control, a division of Nurture Group, stands out as a pioneering force. Unlike traditional exterminators, Rokill specialises in developing innovative, environmentally sensitive solutions for detecting, preventing, and eliminating troublesome pests. In a city like London, where pest issues are a common concern, Rokill's approach is not just about extermination but a comprehensive strategy to address the problem. Read more
02 November 2023
Nurture Group's Rokill division has accumulated many years of experience in bird control and bird proofing throughout London and the UK. In our pursuit of effective management and control methods, we aim to strike a balance between the well-being of birds and the needs of urban communities. In this article, we'll explore the issues associated with nuisance birds like pigeons and seagulls and discuss available solutions that are both humane and effective. Read more
30 October 2023
In the field of pest control, there exists a name that stands out as a symbol of quality, expertise, and outstanding service. Rokill Limited, an established Pest Control Company since 1980, has been serving customers with unwavering commitment. Their commitment to excellence has earned them the prestigious Queen's Royal Warrant for Pest Control Services since the year 2000, a testament to their resolute dedication to their craft of humane pest management. Read more
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