15 July 2022

Winter Gritting Services for paths and car parks

Nurture offer high quality car park gritting service for a wide range of business premises including retail parks, supermarkets, offices, multi-storey car parks, public car parks, and more

Icy weather causes disruption to businesses every year

  • Nurture's gritting team will grit through the night, so you can be business as normal in the morning
  • The extensive fleet of road gritting vehicles for both small and large-scale sites can keep you moving safely.

Nurture as your gritting contractor provides snow removal and gritting services for private roads to help keep you moving safely. As well as our large grit spreading vehicles, we also have diggers that can remove large piles of snow. A mix of machinery is employed, from large vehicle spreaders and mechanical snow ploughs for open spaces, to smaller spreaders and manual techniques for hard-to-reach areas. Whether you need a path, road, or car park clearing of snow or gritting.

If there is snow or ice forecast, the gritting service you choose should be available as soon as you need it. Nurture uses pre-emptive gritting. Getting your gritting done early will help to prevent ice from forming and sticking. While ice can be dealt with after it has formed, it is often advisable to ensure that you have gritting carried out before you expect freezing conditions. A few hours before is usually the best time to grit to prevent ice.


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