09 January 2023

Transform the exterior of any building with exterior plant displays

Exterior plant displays, including living walls, can have a major positive impact on the kerb appeal of a commercial building.

Whether it's through planted beds, window boxes, hanging baskets, or living walls, a well-designed and maintained outdoor plant display can transform an anonymous and uninspiring entrance into a welcoming and attractive facade.

At Nurture, we have extensive experience in creating and maintaining exterior plant displays for commercial, leisure, and retail businesses. We are committed to using the most environmentally responsible methods of planting and growing, including the use of peat-free compost, worm cast, and hydroponics.

In addition to adding visual appeal, exterior plant displays can also have a positive impact on the overall ambiance of a commercial building. Plants have been shown to have a calming and soothing effect on people, which can create a more pleasant and enjoyable environment for those who work or visit the building.

Our advanced green wall system is an effective way to enhance your green credentials and improve the well-being of your staff. Studies have shown that planting in the workplace can reduce stress, sickness, and absences, leading to greater productivity. Green walls can also dramatically improve air humidity and air quality inside a building, as well as providing sound absorption and insulation properties.

If you're interested in adding a living wall or an exterior plant display to your commercial building, let us help you design the right one for your environment. With our expertise and experience, we can create a living display wall that makes a grand visual statement and promotes a green ethos.


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