24 October 2022

The importance of winter gritting of paths and roadways

Effective and timely winter gritting of paths and high traffic areas over the colder months is crucial.

Effective and timely winter gritting of paths and high-traffic areas over the colder months is crucial.

Adverse cold weather can strike anytime between October to April and having a winter gritting plan and contractor in place before then ensures the safety of both your staff and visitors.

Whether your site is a retail park, office environment, healthcare or educational campus, if there are public paths and roadways, access routes need to be kept both clear and safe. Seasonal gritting, and on those days when temperatures plummet and storms blow in, snow clearance too. 

Having gritters on standby to turn out 24/7 to clear access routes and pathways before staff and customers arrive means that you need a gritting contractor who has nationwide coverage with gritting and snow clearance teams local to each of your locations.

Nurture Group has fifty depots spread across the UK from Scotland to South West England and Wales and this ensures that property and facility managers receive a tailored service specific to their requirements.

To find out more about our winter gritting and snow clearance services, click here.

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