02 December 2022

The benefits to wellbeing of installing a green living wall in your reception

How living walls can create a calm and relaxing environment for your public spaces

Plants help to purify the air and soften and absorb surrounding noise. A living wall provides an area of interest and colour to offset the angular man-made surroundings. Providing a happy space with plants that lighten the mood, freshen the air, and provide pleasant and natural humidity to counter soleless air-conditioned environments.

The benefits of living walls:

  • Air purification converts CO2 into oxygen.
  • Well-being and reduction in tiredness, respiratory complaints and diminished illness.
  • Reduction in the ambient surrounding temperature
  • A boost to productivity. - Green walls reduce stress and boost productivity with enhanced moods and positive effects on employees.
  • Visual impact. A vertical garden can enhance your brand perception and is attractive to new candidates and employees.

Living walls are sustainable and a relaxing boost to your public spaces. With happy, productive employees and motivated guests, the benefits are many.

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