27 September 2023

Sprout Pencils

By planting one of Nurture Group's Sprout PENCILS instead of just throwing it out, you can make sustainability visible to others and inspire them to make changes in their daily lives. This is the idea behind the Sprout PENCIL.

Your Sprout PENCIL can grow into fragrant herbs, lucious flowers - or even fresh vegetables. Your seed will be one of the ones below: 


Basil: Easy to grow. Wonderful herb with great taste. Edible leaves.


Forget Me Not: Symbol of love & friendship. Blue edible flowers.


Thyme: Easy to grow herb. Leaves and flowers are both for sweet and savoury dishes.  Bee Friendly. 


Daisy: Symbol of purity - joyful flowers. Drought resistant.

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Nurture provide a full plant display service, ranging from office and interior plants to exterior planting, hanging baskets, floristry, green walls and Christmas trees for corporate, leisure and retail clients across the UK. Long recognised for their aesthetic properties, living plants have proven benefits for health and wellbeing, especially in service intensive modern buildings. Not only do they make environments more attractive but plants also absorb airborne toxins and regulate humidity, creating a healthier, happier, and more creative atmosphere. Whether designed for a single site or rolling out across a corporate scheme, we ensure every plant or display is appropriate for the location, and we will keep it looking perfect via an ongoing maintenance programme. A regular supply of fresh plants and flowers brightens and lifts any environment, from reception areas and lobbies to corporate offices and hospitality venues. Using a combination of home grown and ethically sourced plants, Nurture’s experienced team can create an array of designs, from classic simplicity to opulence and elegance.

To find out more about the available plant display options, contact Clarissa James


Mob: 07779 447689  Tel: 01708 858500

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