17 August 2022

Planning ahead for the supply of gritting services

Gritting services whilst seasonal, require thorough pre-planning before the first frosts hit in the Autumn

From pathways to roads and car parks, a thorough risk management assessment of your sites should be carried out to enable the planning of your winter gritting services for the coming season.

Nurture provides a nationwide gritting service as well as snow clearing to ensure your business runs smoothly through the winter. Avoiding people and vehicles slipping and other ice-related accidents and ensuring the health and safety of your staff and visitors to your sites is protected by minimising the risks.

We monitor the weather forecast using advanced weather forecasting systems, to allow us to accurately predict the risks and proactively grit both single-site and multi-site locations. Appropriate for both Hospital Trusts with large estates as well as education, retail, business, and industrial sites. Services are tailored to suit your requirements for the right environments such as:

  • Car park gritting - in use throughout the winter and throughout the day and evening, they must be kept clear and safe for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Footpath gritting - Ensuring that the risks of slips and trips are mitigated by implementing a solid winter maintenance plan

Gritting services and wider winter maintenance over the winter months require thorough pre-planning. The late summer months are the perfect time for this.

De-Ice vehicles 20201030_100831.jpg

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