30 January 2023

Pest control - a case study, dealing with a German Cockroach infestation

Rokill Pest Control Services


A group of restaurants within a city centre shopping complex were suffering with ongoing cockroach infestations. During an initial survey, it was discovered that there was a significant infestation problem within the bar and kitchen areas that required intensive treatment.


To eradicate the infestation, we assigned two technicians to the case. A full inspection identified the key areas where the insects were harbouring, including gaps below lifted sections of flooring, inside the dishwasher panels and around the warm fridge motors. A deep clean was performed to remove all traces of grease and food debris. Following this, an out of hours spray treatment using a residual insecticide, diatomaceous earth and gel baits to finish off.


To track progress, insect monitors were laid, alongside daily checks to check treatment effectiveness. We saw daily cockroach counts falling from 323 to 0 within 6 days. Now, a thorough monitoring regime is in place to ensure no reoccurrence of the infestation.

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