31 May 2022

Interior planting to aid relaxation and focus in the office

Healthy interior planting enhances the office environment, aiding relaxation and focus leading to increased creativity.

5  W AY S  H E A L T H Y 
P L A N T I N G  E N H A N C E S  Y O U R  E N V I R O N M E N T :


I N C R E A S E  P R O D U C T I V I T Y

Interior planting can help people to feel more relaxed and focused, which leads to an increase in creativity, idea generation and problem solving capabilities and overall productivity.


During a study based in Norway, when reviewing 12 of the common symptoms most often related to poor indoor air quality and ‘sick building syndrome,’ there was a 23% lower complaint rate during the period when the participants had plants in their offices.


Plants oxygenate the air and a variety of well placed plants or an entire green wall will have a marked effect on the internal environment.


Living in urban environments, we are surrounded by concrete, traffic, noise and pollution. This is not healthy. It has a profound impact on our physical and mental wellness. Greenery softens this hard environment, acting as a tonic to ease stress and fatigue.


Plants possess a natural ability to draw their system towards a light source, which can act as an indoor awning. The need for alternative means of shading can be eliminated while maintaining the valuable natural view. This multi-purpose method of shading becomes much more cost-effective than alternative engineered products.

31 May 2022
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