13 September 2023

Grounds Maintenance Excellence: Nurture Landscapes' Award-Winning Work at the Kings Cross Estate

The remarkable story of how Nurture Group, of which Nurture Landscapes is a part, earned the prestigious BALI Award for their outstanding grounds maintenance work on the Kings Cross Estate

In the heart of London, where history meets modernity, lies the Kings Cross Estate – a vibrant, ever-evolving urban landscape that has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. At the forefront of this revitalisation effort is Nurture Landscapes, a landscaping company that takes pride in its commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to share the remarkable story of how Nurture Group, of which Nurture Landscapes is a part, earned the prestigious BALI Award for their outstanding grounds maintenance work on the Kings Cross Estate.

Adrian Wickham, the National Vice-Chair of The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI), expressed his amazement at the project, saying, "I worked in and around King’s Cross back in 1998. Since then, this area has been completely transformed! The landscape enhances the rail, road, and canals, using the blue, green, and grey landscape as a focal point for travellers and the local community, further linking green spaces and conservation in and around this hub of activity."

The Kings Cross Estate, managed by the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership, has set out to be the best-managed estate in the UK. It envisions a place that is not only clean and safe at all hours but also an enticing destination for all. This ambition has become a reality thanks to the dedication of the King’s Cross Estate Services team, who manage and maintain the public areas and many of the buildings within the estate. Their unwavering commitment to keeping Kings Cross clean, well-maintained, well-lit, and secure has made this iconic London locale a place of pride.

Nurture Landscapes, as part of the Nurture Group, was recognised as the principal BALI Award winner for their exceptional grounds maintenance work within the Kings Cross Estate. The accolade speaks volumes about the company's expertise and dedication to creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces.

One of the key priorities of the King’s Cross Estate Services team is to build strong relationships with the people who live, own property, and operate businesses in the area. They collaborate closely with the local councils and transport authorities at the various stations, fostering a sense of community that is integral to the estate's success.

Environmental responsibility is also paramount, with the team working diligently to minimise the estate's impact on the environment. The commitment to sustainability is exemplified by their ISO14001 certification and Environmental Policy statement, which outlines their dedication to minimising their ecological footprint.

As we enter 2023, Kings Cross continues to shine as one of the best places to live in London. Its strengths include unparalleled transport links, an array of dining and shopping experiences at Coal Drops Yard's Victorian warehouses, scenic canal walks, and a thriving cultural scene that adds vibrancy and diversity to the community.

Nurture Landscapes is honoured to be a part of the Kings Cross Estate's journey towards greatness. Our commitment to maintaining the green spaces within this iconic area aligns perfectly with the vision of making Kings Cross a welcoming and cherished destination for all. We are dedicated to contributing to the ongoing success story of the Kings Cross Estate and look forward to further enhancing this remarkable urban oasis.

In the spirit of BALI's recognition and our shared commitment to excellence, Nurture Group and Nurture Landscapes remain committed to delivering outstanding grounds maintenance services that make a positive impact on the Kings Cross community and beyond. Together, we can continue to transform urban landscapes into thriving, sustainable, and beautiful spaces for generations to come.

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