Enhancing Environments: Nurture Landscape's Remarkable Landscape Maintenance and Construction Projects

26 June 2023

Enhancing Environments: Nurture Landscape's Remarkable Landscape Maintenance and Construction Projects

At Nurture Landscapes, we are committed to transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes that inspire, captivate, and enhance the well-being of individuals and communities.

Our expertise in landscape maintenance and construction allows us to create remarkable environments that fulfil our clients› visions. Through a range of prestigious projects, such as the Teesside Shopping Park, The Glebe, and the Walpole Park and Pitzhanger Manor restoration, we have showcased our dedication to excellence and our ability to deliver outstanding results.

1.    Teesside Shopping Park: Aesthetic Landscaping Redefined : Teesside Shopping Park Case Study

As part of the extensive £12 million facelift of the Teesside retail development, Nurture Landscapes Group played a pivotal role in creating an inviting outdoor space that complements the shopping experience. Working directly with the main contractor, we undertook the soft landscaping package, which involved meticulous planning, coordination, and execution.

Our team at Gavin Jones Ltd took charge of various elements, including tree tagging, contract growth of shrubs and herbaceous plants, installation of Corten steel edging, bespoke timber seating, a play wall, play equipment, soft surfacing, and the planting of 193 semi-mature trees and over 25,000 shrubs. The construction spanned 22 months, during which we carefully coordinated with other trades, implemented robust health and safety standards, and ensured minimal disruption to visitors.

Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail in this project were acknowledged when the scheme received the prestigious BALI Award in 2021. The recognition underscores the quality of our soft landscaping installation and our commitment to delivering outstanding results.

2.    The Glebe: Crafting Luxury Landscapes : The Glebe Case Study

The Glebe project epitomises our ability to create high-end, luxurious landscapes that harmonise with the surrounding architecture. Nurture Landscapes Group was entrusted with the hard and soft landscape packages for this private development, which involved the conversion of the former Jamahiriya School building and the construction of two new luxury residential villas.

Our dedicated team worked closely with the main contractor, meticulously integrating our landscape designs with the project›s overall vision. Our responsibilities included providing shop drawings, samples, and mock-ups, as well as coordinating with other trade contractors. Over a three-year period, we installed various elements such as drainage systems, quality paving, water features, bespoke joinery, metal walling, soft landscape elements, green roofs, and a substantial green wall.

Despite logistical challenges, including tight site access and storage limitations, our expert coordination and meticulous planning ensured seamless deliveries and installations. The exceptional quality of our hard landscaping work was acknowledged with a BALI Award in 2021, recognising our dedication to achieving excellence in every aspect of the project.

3.    Walpole Park and Pitzhanger Manor: Restoring Historic Landscapes Link: Walpole Park and Pitzhanger Manor Case Study

Preserving the rich heritage of historic landscapes requires a deep understanding of their cultural significance. Nurture Landscapes Group embarked on the restoration of Walpole Park and Pitzhanger Manor gardens, two iconic sites in the London Borough of Ealing, which hold historical importance and architectural value.
The project at Walpole Park and Pitzhanger Manor was a remarkable undertaking by Nurture Landscapes Group, focused on restoring the hard and soft landscaping elements to their former glory. These sites hold immense historical significance, having once been owned by the influential British architect Sir John Soane, who acquired the property in 1800.

As part of a Heritage Lottery Funded project, our team meticulously planned and executed various restoration works across the park and the gardens of Pitzhanger Manor. This included specialized efforts to preserve and enhance specific features and listed structures.

To engage with the local community, we provided work experience opportunities for students from Capel Manor College, allowing them to gain hands-on experience while contributing to the restoration. We also managed access for volunteers, who carried out tasks on the live site, fostering a sense of ownership and pride among the local residents.

Throughout the two-year project, we conducted monthly site tours for local users, external colleges, and other interested professionals. This provided an opportunity to share the progress and significance of the restoration work, while also garnering valuable feedback and insights.

Our team managed various aspects of the project, including stone restoration, water feature mechanical and electrical works, path surfacing, timber joinery, and play equipment. Working closely with specialist subcontractors, we ensured the preservation and integration of historic elements while maintaining high-quality standards.

Despite the challenges of working on a live site, we meticulously scheduled our works around events such as weddings in the manor house and the month-long Ealing Festival. This approach ensured that sections of the park always remained open and accessible to the public, allowing visitors to appreciate the ongoing transformation.

The restoration of Walpole Park and Pitzhanger Manor stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving historical landscapes while creating inviting spaces for the community to enjoy. Our team›s expertise, dedication, and collaboration with stakeholders resulted in a successful project that breathed new life into these cherished heritage sites.


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