Embrace Summer, Not Pests

22 May 2023

Embrace Summer, Not Pests

As the temperature rises across Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Burton upon Trent, and the West Midlands, our thoughts turn to weekend garden delights and the prospect of firing up the barbecue for the first time this year. However, amid the frisbees and joy, less-than-welcome visitors like flying ants and wasps can quickly turn your outdoor oasis into a battleground.

Pest Intruders: Flying Ants and Wasps

Flying ants and wasps, uninvited guests to your barbecue or garden party, pose unique challenges. While flying ants might be a mere nuisance, wasps present a tangible threat, especially to children and those with anaphylactic shock. Ignoring a wasp nest is not an option when safety is at stake.

Nurture Pest Control: Your Summer Solution

Flying ants and wasps can both be real pests, with the later posing a serious physical threat to kids and those with anaphylactic shock. A wasp nest shouldnt be left alone. Nurture pest control technicians are fully trained in all of the very latest, safe pest control methods and will have you enjoying your summer quicker than you can shout

Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Discover the breadth of our pest control expertise, covering wasp nest removal, hornet nest removal, bee removal, flying ants, and even pigeon control. Don't let pests steal the joy from your outdoor activities; rely on your local experts at Midland Pest Control.

For more information on flying pests and effective pest control, reach out to your local experts. Nurture Group is your trusted partner in ensuring a summer free from buzzing and unwanted critters. Contact us now, and let the summer celebrations begin without the hassle of pests!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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