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Workman have been a Nurture client for over 8 years starting with a small number of sites across various regions in the United Kingdom for individual FM Managers. Since then the portfolio has grown organically and extensively.

In 2018 after a full tender Nurture was awarded a 1 year contract for the entire South division portfolio. From the successful implementation and excellent service delivered through the 2018/19 season, Workman have extended this contract for a further 2 seasons. Combined with the other regions, the full Workman portfolio across the whole United Kingdom is now at over 370 sites.


This growth is testament to the hard work and diligence of Nurture’s Gritting teams and our bespoke cradle to grave Ice Master CRM system that is able to provide the most up to date information and reports whenever requested. The transparency of the service delivery and total communication process in place means that all Workman sites and managers are fully informed and up to date. It was this exceptional service across a very large portfolio that meant that Workman did not tender this summer but instead decided to extend the contract by a further 2 years.


Nurture offer a unique way of managing the payments/costs of the gritting services which allows the risk of winter costs to be shared between both parties. It is a hybrid of the CPV (cost per visit) and Fixed Cost options. 50% of the full fixed cost price is invoiced at the start of the season, with each gritting service visit completed billed at 50% of the CPV price. The financial risks associated with the winter are therefore shared between Nurture and Workman to prevent too much overspend on budgets during a harsh winter but also allowing for a reduction in spend during a milder winter.

This has been very successful with Workman particularly as more than half of their sites have taken this option up due to the benefits of shared risk.

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