Winter Gritting

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CBRE - Airbus UK Filton

Up to the winter of 2016/17 Airbus had been using their own maintenance staff to provide a reactive gritting and snow clearing service to meet their H&S obligations for an 80,000 square meter site in Filton near Bristol.


Airbus had a number of issues surrounding how they were delivering the service.

  • Staff were using free web forecasts to predict the weather for the next day. With no accurate details or data for road surface temperatures, rainfall and hour by hour forecasts.
  • No winter risk management there was an increasing likelihood of a claim against their own insurance.
  • Carrying out these extra gritting/snow clearing duties drew staff away from their normal duties. This also put staff behind schedule for ground maintenance, litter picking and cleaning duties.
  • Staff overtime costs rose during cold weather periods.
  • No modern equipment, with constant breakdowns and problems carrying out the service.


Nurture were approached by CBRE - Airbus and invited to provide an improvement to their current winter maintenance solution for their vast and highly complex site.

  • Site specific forecasting systems were put in place to provide the ability to proactively service the site during inclement weather conditions, including a detailed hour by hour site specific forecast.
  • We conducted pre-winter site visits by management and operators in order to map and learn the site, therefore adhering to all onsite H&S obligations and restrictions.
  • CBRE & Airbus management received daily weather alerts for gritting, along with the ability to cancel consecutive visits if there was already salt on site.
  • New and more efficient equipment was attributed to the site, reducing breakdowns and on site issues.


  • A reduced amount of gritting completed by their own staff. Thus improving their other on site services and removing overtime costs in the winter months.
  • An overall reduction in the number of service visits with highly accurate forecasts enabled a reduction in the overall cost of the service.
  • Much improved service levels allowed for reduced complaints and issues on site, saving staff time and improving morale and work efficiency.
  • The implementation of a high level of service with open communication to the Nurture Operating & Account Management team ensured Airbus peace of mind throughout the gritting season.
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